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Diversity & Inclusion

For clarity – 

Diversity to Genie means: Recognising and celebrating difference, ensuring a workplace that benefits from the perspectives in decision-making of this difference and is made up of individuals that are a true reflection of the society in which we live and work. 

Inclusion means: the achievement of a work environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the organisation’s success.

Equality policy: At Genie, we believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Our diverse pool of users draws together individuals and organisations of different cultures, values, and norms. We want to ensure that people from every background feel welcome, respected and valued on the platform. Guided by these principles, all Clients must follow a set of rules when using Genie. These can be reviewed here: https://www.meetgenie.co/equality-policy/

Our here and now.

Starting with us – Genie’s workforce. 

The leadership team is 40% female, the Board of Directors is 75% female. 

We will never stop the work to ensure our business has a diverse workforce who participate fully through an inclusive culture. 

We firmly believe true diversity in our team will lead to a better product experience for our users and better outcomes across all our business metrics. 

We will achieve this by ensuring that we prioritise the hiring of under represented groups in our team as we grow.  

The active agenda for our product offer. 

  1. Talent Pool

Our belief that the pursuit of diversity in ‘the work produced’ by our talent pool, means a diverse talent pool can be achieved holds merit, however it doesn’t address the need for the removal of the systemic barriers to entry and inclusion that exist for many in the sector(s) that Genie operates. 

We openly acknowledge that systemic barriers create challenges for us in seeking to achieve a truly diverse talent pool of world class talent in a sector that lacks diversity and scores poorly for inclusion.  

Genie will always strive to ensure that our talent pool out-scores the sectors we operate in on all diversity metrics.   

We run a proactive and informed agenda to actively scout talent where there is  under-representation in order to redress imbalances in our talent pool as we work towards achieving this.  

While progress is being made, the work will never stop.

  1. Genie’s Matching

Matching has always centred firmly on removing bias wherever possible so that talent is hired ‘because they are the right answer’ to solve the problem.. 

We believe human bias is a central blocker to achieving a genuinely diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Genie was designed from the ground up to recognise and remove, wherever possible, the human bias that works against a diversity agenda in the hiring process. This extends to all features, experiences and processes already in place as well as those in the product roadmap. 

  1. Demands on our Clients

If clients aren’t hardwired to enact meaningful change in their organisations to achieve a diverse workforce and inclusive culture then Genie won’t work with them. Period. 

Genie will enforce our Equality Policy to the full. 

Genie will use the relevant data being collected as a force for good by; 

  1. The Role of Product Features

Our role now for the next generation.

Genie will play a meaningful role in ensuring diversity and inclusion is achieved in the workforce.

Our demand is that systemic change is achieved as a priority (months/single digit years). Not  a goal to achieve in a time frame of generations. This  informs the initiatives we instigate and contribute towards. 

Creating pathways matters. 

We are working on initiatives to break down the systemic barriers that exist to many by ensuring the next generation of under-represented talent have the  opportunity to work side by side with today’s. Creating meaningful pathways is one key component of ensuring inclusion can be achieved.  

As policy, we actively avoid superficial diversity and inclusion agendas and campaigns that serve little meaningful purpose in creating, developing or promoting such pathways.

We will do better, we demand our clients do better.

Until all workforces across all sectors are genuinely diverse and inclusive, all dominant stakeholders in society can do better. Genie is no exception. 

We make these promises to all our current and future stakeholders

We actively review the progress we are making within our organisation, our product, with our talent pool and amongst our client users. 

This is a living document. We review progress regularly.