Getting Paid - General Info - Meet Genie
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Getting Paid – General Info

All invoices should be sent to
When you get booked through Genie you will receive a booking confirmation that confirms the intended booking period and rate (or Pro-Rata salary if booked on a fixed-term contract).

Your invoice for the work done should be addressed to:

Meet Genie Limited
Registered Office: West Bush House,
Hailey Lane,
Hertford Heath,
SG13 7NY,
United Kingdom


  • When booked on a Fixed-Term contract. Your hiring company/ client will set you up as an employee and pay you via their payroll system.
  • When a 3rd Party is responsible for the compliance and payment process. This will require you to be set up with the 3rd party payment provider (for example Worksome).

Additional Info

When do I get Paid?

If the client has agreed to be a ‘Faster-Payer’ this invoice should be paid within 5 working days. All other clients work on a 30-day payment term and Genie will process your invoice the same day as the client has paid their invoice to Genie.
What if there’s a problem?

If you have any problems please contact and someone from the team will be able to help you.
Can I get paid sooner?

If the client has passed a credit check and we have a PO number then we can advance the payment against a 5% admin fee. This is the cost for us to borrow the money we are owed from the client in order to advance it to you.